California Hemp Farming

With the 2018 farm bill passing, California hemp farming will soon hold the reputation of the best hemp in America. Although industrial hemp is considered in the same family as cannabis, it is a distinctly different crop in its function, cultivation and application.  Items made using industrial hemp include clothing, rope, beauty products, paper, bedding, and a variety of other household and industrial products. 

Hemp in the Imperial Valley, CA

The Imperial Valley is one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. It has long been America’s largest year-round irrigated region as well. Many of this nation’s fruits and vegetables are produced in the Imperial Valley, earning the title of “America’s Salad Bowl”. With fertile ground and irrigation coming from the Colorado River, the Imperial Valley will prove to be a prime region to grow and process hemp. Currently, we are growing 140+ acres of certified organic hemp and 160+ acres conventional.

A recent Imperial County press release states “The Farm Bill legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp allowing Imperial County farmers the ability to grow and sell the plant as an agricultural commodity.  Under the new guidelines, hemp farmers would also be eligible to collect crop insurance and apply for federal grants, loans and loan guarantee programs”.


Below is some of our Autoflower from our most recent harvest. Images in reverse chronological order.